Wednesday, 21 December 2016

After the birth of the child immediately reflected on the vacuum cleaner - in fact it is necessary that was always clean in the apartment. Since we recently moved, and the funds were limited to the much cleaner way we did not have, I first wanted to do the cleaning, but then I was dissuaded by describing minus these vacuum cleaners. But back to samsung Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Portable. For this price (we bought it for 2100 rubles.) Very good vacuum cleaner. I read the previous review - totally agree. This is as it should "zasrat" flat to 4 rooms clean clearing filter 2 times)))) Nightmare. And in general - if the vacuum cleaner does not clean even the most expensive vacuum cleaner will lose its power. Vacuums samsung SC432A has good power, not very loud (the child is not afraid at all), easy rides on the carpet, easily stretched and retracts the cord, and shake out the litter too convenient. I am uncomfortable, only one - the handle to lift the cleaner. Everything else is fine with me.

Tragically he was killed torn bag my old Philips mobilo, to buy a new vacuum cleaner no one expected so decided to take the not very expensive model.

Looking briefly reviews about Samsung Air Track is not found nothing terrifying, we have decided to take. Price in El Dorado was about 3000r.
The manufacturer promises a stable suction power thanks to Twin Chamber System, saving on bags and so on. Joy

The store unit tested, powerful (max consumption -. 1500), sucks in the glory of our better than an old vacuum cleaner. he at the same time light and compact, cord length - 9m.

Now I want to tell you that did not like during use.
The main complaint began somewhere in a month, now take about four months., Cleaning once in two days.
- Heats. But in the instructions assure overheat if he shuts down, I will not turn off, but the great heats, but apparently not to the critical point.
- In all vacuum cleaner nozzle 2.5. Usual universal brush, not the most expensive type of narrow tube with hairs, hairs, these can detach I think even for a 0.5 nozzle.
- Too easy.
- Not convenient to wind the cord. For coiling need to click on the handle of a vacuum cleaner, it needs to bend over because it is jammed, if you press the foot there is a risk that the vacuum cleaner turn over (too light). The cord when pulling in the same jams, again because of the weight of the vacuum leads to his side overturn.
- Skip the dust in substantial quantities, and the farther the worse.
- Do not pour convenient.
- Drum hair on their super system Twin Chamber.
- Be sure to wash after cleaning! Filter it is necessary to stretch and dry, it clogged with dust and hair in large quantities, which reduces its power, and certainly hurts to a vacuum cleaner.
The flask is just rinse under water groove, better over a bucket (otherwise clogged pipes are guaranteed), a small brush to clean off the dust there is not, in the bulb too much any slits and others. Suspicious hills.

Of the benefits.
+ Not expensive
+ In general, good power.
+ Savings on the bags, filter my fourth month. normally lasts
Buy this vacuum cleaner I would advise only one-room apartment where 1-2 persons live max.

Definitely not suitable for pensioners, unequivocally not for people with a bad back (even though it is light, but have naklanyatsya 150 times), those who have pets.